Patio cover designs come in as many varieties as the homes they’ll spice up. Patio covers can be solid structures consisting of natural and/or man-materials or be partial-shade structures such as pergolas. When considering patio cover designs keep in mind the style of your home, the uses your patio serves and Houston weather.

Your house is built in a particular style – even if it’s a custom home – so the patio cover you select should be compatible with that style. You’ll need to decide if you want a fully or partially covered patio. For example, you can add a cover onto a portion or all of your patio. You can also add decorative outdoor curtains to your patio to create a room of sorts without incurring the expense of an enclosure. But, of course, you may also select a cover with actual walls that creates an enclosure. If you’re not a seasoned decorator, it’s to your benefit to consult a professional to show you some patio cover designs that would make an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. In addition to the style of your home, consider the expected use and Houston weather when deciding on materials.

The amount and type of use you expect to make of your patio will also influence the type of patio cover designs you investigate. Let’s say you have an in-patio grill and want the BBQ master covered while at work, but want the smoke to be able to escape. A pergola or open patio cover would work best in this situation because an enclosed patio would trap smoke from the grill. What if you have a pool off of your patio and teenagers at home. You may choose a partially covered patio that covers the from the sliding doors out of the house and only the seating area but doesn’t extend to the pool. This removes the ability of using the patio as a jumping-off point.

With Houston summers reaching temperatures in the 90s and high levels of humidity you want to be sure to research which materials – wood or man-made products – will perform best and last in these conditions. If you choose patio cover designs made of wood as options, you want to be sure the wood is coated and sealed to withstand the elements. Technology has produced some great composite products that are durable, attractive and cost effective, also.

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