Ever wanted to move the kitchen out of the main house and have it either in another separate building or out in the open?  If you have toyed with the thought then you know that outdoor kitchen ideas are not easy to come by. In some situations, there is no option but to have one such kitchen hence having some ideas on the standby can save you much time and pain when the need arises.

Conventionally, an outdoor kitchen cannot have the full functionality of a complete indoor kitchen no matter how hard you try to pimp it. The basics are a source of heat and some sort of grill to support the stuff you will be cooking.

One good thing about outdoor kitchens is that you can experiment with all forms of heat source that you cannot safely use indoors. You can decide on using charcoal, raw firewood or coals depending on the mood and theme you want to set.

Due to some reason, you might not be in a position to successfully light a bone fire. However, many options in the market can imitate the look and still make your food cook. A good example is gas logs. They can fool the eyes to admitting that you are using firewood while in real sense you are burning gas.

After taking care of the heat source, the next outdoor kitchen ideas should center on some efficiency props that should be in your kitchen. These include shelves, tables, utensil racks and a shade. For shelves, you can settle for lightweight wooden ones or go for the more portable plastic constructions optimized for such occasions.

Tables and utensil racks sort of take the trend of the shelves. Shifting that small but light table from inside the house to the outside can give an excellent outdoor kitchen table at no extra cost. However, if you do not need to move your furniture and risk destroying it, you can always rent or buy cheap plastic fixtures for the occasion.

With all this resources at hand, the final of the outdoor kitchen ideas deals with identifying a sport that is perfect for the new kitchen you are going to set up. This conclusion comes after trade offs between actual location and the presence of other features that you can use to your advantage.

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