Last Updated on October 28, 2019


Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

Everyone has a space in their home that they are extremely proud of. For some, it’s the entertainment room, for others, it’s the living room, and yet for some others, it is the kitchen. Those who have the space to accommodate an outdoor kitchen will have a nook in their home that is unique, well worth showing off and has the ability to increase the value of the home.

Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can have all the things that are in an indoor kitchen; however, some of the items may have to be waterproof, such as cutting boards that won’t warp from moisture and stainless steel dishes and utensils. It can have shelves and cabinets, a fridge, a grill or stove-top or both and more. It is almost a given that outdoor kitchens have a grill. Homeowners can get one customized for the space and for the number of people that accommodate the home, or a bigger one can be installed for when guests come over. Many have fun coming up with the complete design on their own while some work with a kitchen designer or leave it in their capable hands completely; going the professional route will insure a successful outcome.

Hiring a Professional

When hiring a professional, homeowners must make sure that the design and planning is a group effort. Every member of the family who will be using the space, the designer, and the landscaping artists should all be included. This way, everyone can have a say, and it will be something that everyone is proud of. When individuals are out shopping for appliances, they should look at those meant to fit well in outdoor kitchens. There are new releases of products every year, so there is something for every setup.

Consider the Space

One should always keep in mind the amount of space available so that the area does not end up very cluttered or sparse. Counters should not be so big that there is no walk space, and the cupboards should be arranged to fit the habits of the cook. There should be a flow in terms of the design from storage, to work area, to cooking and serving.

What Goes into an Outdoor Kitchen?

Here is a list of some of the popular things one could include in an outdoor kitchen:

  • An outdoor fireplace – it’s a warm place to gather around on a chilly evening outside and can also serve as a base for some year-round BBQing
  • Alternatively, a fire-pit that allows for roasting is a great addition as well
  • An oven is a great feature in an outdoor kitchen, and it can also serve as décor if it is a wood burning oven or even a brick or stone one.
  • Outdoor countertops need to be made of stone or brick to withstand all weather conditions
  • An eating space is essential, and it will need to be around 15” deep and around 24” wide multiplied by the number of people it is to accommodate. This will give everyone enough space to maneuver
  • Storage cabinets are of course necessary with the right kind of water-proofing
  • Including a cover over the stove-top is recommended, but not over the grill, as this will trap smoke
  • The flooring chosen must be slip-proof
  • One can consider including a built-in beverage cooler in addition to a fridge.

With all the above tips, one can have an outdoor kitchen that is the envy of all and increases the value of the home.


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