Outfitting any home can be a challenge, but outfitting a home in Texas can be a little different. Unlike many parts of the country, the weather in Texas is typically warm for most of the year. This means that outdoor living spaces take a priority, and decorative styles might reflect the surroundings and nature more than it would in a different region. Here are some great tips for the must haves of any Texas home.

Garage: This addition to the home is simply a place to park the car, but in Texas it becomes a priority. Leaving a vehicle in the hot sun can mean that it is incredibly uncomfortable when the driver gets ready to go somewhere. By storing the vehicle in a covered garage, it can help keep the temperature of the car’s interior cooler at all times. In addition, a garage can lower car insurance rates and protect it from the strong thunderstorms that pop up in Texas throughout the summer months. Additionally, a stylish garage door can add value to the exterior appearance of the home.

Large Open Kitchens: Texans love to entertain and have friends and family over to visit, so a large kitchen is often a priority in the home. Start by creating an open plan space that allows homeowners to cook and interact with their guests all at the same time. A bar with stools at a kitchen island can be the perfect way to add counter space without losing the open feeling.

Pool: With warm Texas summers, there can be nothing better than an outdoor pool for a way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. If space permits, a pool will help to add to your outdoor living space, serve as a fun place for children and adults to play and even help regulate the temperature on particularly warm afternoons. Please don’t forget about pool safety!

Patio: In cold climates, the need for an outdoor space like a patio is smaller simply because the window for comfortable weather is smaller. In Texas, however, the warm climate means that it is always possible to spend time outside. Invest in an attractive patio that offers guests seating, as this will affordably increase the total living area of the home.

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What are some of your must-have features of Texas home? Do you think it’s the same as houses in the Northern part of the country? We’d love to hear your thoughts!