My friend, Rodney, just sent me a picture of his patio area. He lives in the Houston area and I am really quite envious of him because of the great weather and just looking at that picture, I can tell he is going to have a lot of memories made on that Houston patio.

You can have a fine patio at your house too. There really is no reason not to have it done by a professional. Many patio layouts can be done little by little, as time and money permits.

The times that you will remember are the times that you make memorable, my dad used to say. Use your patio to make memories, serve great food and have great conversations. Wine always tastes better in the evening sun, too.

Houston Patio

Here’s an idea: when you do your Houston patio, make sure you do a walk all the way to the front of your house. This will allow you to entertain out on your patio without worrying about running around cleaning up the interior of the house!

Rodney has a great gas grill and a TV mounted to the wall outside. He is in the planning stages of building a full-on BBQ pit using a beautiful stone. There is so much you can do with your patio, too. Get inspired and do something exciting with your Houston Patio, whether it’s just re-arrange, re-build, build-onto or just use that thing to make a great party happen, go for it! And take pictures and send them to your friends!