An outdoor space is different than a living room or bedroom in many ways. But that does not mean homeowners should avoid decorating an outdoor room or patio with pictures, furniture or other furnishings to make them comfortable and unique. Stylish outdoor living spaces are becoming a more popular area of a home, as owners invest in décor and accessories to add style, convenience and functionality both inside and outside. Don’t underestimate the potential for creative design and personalization in outdoor living spaces, especially when the rooms are segmented with motorized power screens and other convenient tools.

When brainstorming how best to decorate an outdoor room or patio space, homeowners should think of a color scheme, theme, arrangement or purpose of the area before making any major purchases. Outdoor living areas can be furnished into an extension of indoor rooms, or set apart as a unique area of the home. No matter how the outdoor room is decorated, a motorized retractable screen will be a nice complement to connect the area to the rest of the home will still creating a divider. Motorized retractable screens allow for sunlight and fresh air to move freely between the patio and the home, while allowing owners to close the screen with a remote control when they want the outdoors to be separated from the internal living space.

An outdoor living space is different from a living room or other room in that it is completely or partially exposed to the elements. While a living room can be furnished with soft fabrics and delicate décor, and outdoor room should house more durable pieces that will withstand a range of temperatures, sun exposure and even precipitation. If the outdoor space has no roof or walls, plenty of wind, rain and outdoor debris will blow through the area and rest on furniture, tables and other items. Therefore, these pieces should be protected with special fabrics, coverings or other shields. Even outdoor areas that have walls and a roof experience significant changes in temperature by being segmented from the house. Items that are not sensitive to light exposure and temperature changes are ideal for these areas.

Because there are limited patterns and options for outdoor-friendly furniture and furnishings, homeowners should consider making a patio unique with pictures. Hanging a photo of the family, outdoor scenery or a piece of art can add sophistication to an outdoor space to make the ambience pop. Homeowners can express their unique style and taste with picture selections that can easily be protected from the elements with durable frames and are cost-efficient as well. Owners can easily put in new pictures each season to change up the feel of the outdoor space, allowing for décor to rotate seasonally around staple outdoor furniture.



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David Ringer has been a landscaper in the Toronto area for the past 6 years and has turned his landscaping business into strictly focusing on designs with motorized screens for patios. He believes is a great addition and a great usability tool.

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