Last Updated on May 31, 2016

There are several factors that can influence the cost to build a screened-in patio. One option to consider is if you’d rather have the screen all the way to the floor or have a 2′ solid kneewall along the bottom edge of the wall.   Many people like the kneewall because it will eliminate most water from coming into the room during a rainstorm. We’ve all seen a big Texas gully washer where the rain is literally coming down sideways.  If you don’t ever want water in the room, the best option is to install windows compared to screen.

Another factor that can influence cost is whether or not your existing patio is already covered.  We can install our screen/window walls under most patio covers.  If you don’t have an existing patio cover, we can build one for a very affordable cost and then screen in the area under the new cover.

The number of doors you desire can also add to cost.  All of our rooms include 1 high quality screen door, but more can be added.

There is alot of buzz today about solar screens.  Whether you choose that upgrade or our standard bug free aluminum screening; you can feel confident that the room inside will be cooler than before and mosquito free.

The cost to install a screened-in patio generally runs between $60 to $90 per linear foot.  By taking the running foot total of the area you’d like screened-in and multipling by an average cost of $80, you will get a good idea of how much to pay for a screen room.

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