What better way to spend the great outdoors in the wintertime than with an outdoor patio and a bar-b-que grill?

Adding a patio to your existing home’s structure not only adds value but can cost below the $10K price range. Naturally, an existing concrete or a bricked flat-surface patio will reduce the cost. For a high-end patio, the price range can go well over $60K. This is with a stone/brick fireplace or an outside grill, even a place to kick your feet up and enjoy the Texas moonlit sky.

Adding a “fire pit” instead of a fireplace will be sufficient. Add about $3K for a homemade fire pit to the basic costs of building your patio. If you want more than a “brushed concrete surface,” you’ll need to add more to the basic costs of materials.

Some other options for the basic concrete slab are “stamped concrete, tiles, pavers, and even flagstones.” For an addition to a one-story patio, adding columns to the existing slab work will work wonders. As all things are being considered, weighing the options that are available in the market begins with the planning process. No more daydreaming about the new space. After carefully browsing through magazines, online blogs, and endless daydreaming, it’s time to turn the patio dream into reality. Endless options for a Houston patio; covered or not.

With a great budget, the possibilities can be endless. Although, if you have a budget of less than $3K, you can have a nice patio to add to your home’s backyard or even on the side of your home’s existing structure. If you’d like a covered patio, with a ceiling fan, this can cost about $10K. Prices like these are low compared to other regions. Houston is a nice place to have those outdoor Texas BBQs, but what better way to have them than on an outdoor patio. With unique designs, you can build one with a grill or a gas range, a stone-walled fireplace with lighting that’ll set the mood. Designing in order to capture the mood is essential in the planning process. The patio will cost between $10K and up to $60K.

For example, a covered patio that needs a 13’x29′ concrete slab; here are the specifications. This comes from an existing 10X10 concrete slab to be removed and adding new concrete to make it 13’x29′ with no odd design to the specs. Adding to this cost are the electrician’s cost and labor.

Outdoor Kitchen

– Arch design between all columns; this is with the columns to the wall.- The post will be covered with bricks.- Adding gutters- Electrical: (22 Point) – 2 New Breakers – 3 Fans, 8 Recessed Lights, 3 Lights on a column facing inside, 3 Lights on a column facing outside, 3 GFCI outlets on columns, 2 outlets on the ceiling. The total is between $15,500 to $29,000 for something like this.

These aren’t priced for multi-level patios. With multi-leveled patios, it can include stairs, even some surround sound speakers, a kitchenette with a grill, and a fireplace, and most importantly, the dining area. Livable space is what these “dream decks” are for most families. They’re unique in design, functionality, and for homeowners, this can be of great value for any home.

Outdoor spaces should come with food prep and cooking areas. Some offer those stone-walled fireplaces which seem to be common in outdoor spaces. A screened patio will add value as well, for those Texas-sized mosquitoes and heat during the summertime. Outdoor patios with screens can also be helpful for your four-legged friends. Your pets can play outdoors, without really being outside. And for those rainy days, you can still enjoy the outdoors without getting soaked. In addition, putting outdoor furniture will be just as fun when complete. Finally, all you need is the right idea, some helpful friends and relatives, and finally, carefully plotting out your measurements and vision into the ultimate patio.


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