Room From Garage


Do you need more living space in your home? A good option can be converting your garage and creating more room in your home. This garage conversion comes at a cost that is dependent on where you live and your specific plans. Remodeling your garage will cost you half what you expected to spend when building a brand new home. Such a project is no easy fete and there are lots of things to consider.

Among the things included in converting a garage include raising the floor, insulating the walls, installing heating, cooling, and ventilation, and updating windows and doors. All of these aspects need to be considered before starting the project.

5 Questions to Ask Before Doing a Garage Makeover

Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before converting your garage.

1. Is it a Good Option to Convert your Garage?

Considering you are not adding living space to your home from scratch, converting your garage to a room sounds like a good option.

Here are things that will make remodeling your garage the right option if:

  • It is easy to replace the garage door?
  • Heating and cooling are in your budget? To cut down on the costs, enquire with your HVAC system to find out of they will support an additional room. This can allow you to expand the ventilation to and cover the garage. Though costly, the other option is to purchase an independent system to provide heating in the garage.
  • Is plumbing accessible? Before anything else, contact your plumber to find out if you will be required to add plumbing lines, especially drainage, which is the most expensive part of remodeling your garage.
  • Is there adequate parking and storage elsewhere? It won’t cut if you convert your garage and lack a place to store your items or park your car?

2. Are You Required to Have a Permit?

Building permits are required because you are changing your home’s look, though it depends on location. Apply for a license to your city’s Zoning Department and you may need the help of an architect to provide the proposed flooring plan. Permits ensure credibility. That is will your building meet the building codes and local ordinances for living space. The cost of garage conversion varies in cost. However, that average cost is between $1000 and $1500.

3. The Type of Room Your Garage Will Become

You can remodel your garage and create any living space. So long as you obey the building code requirements, which depend on the zoning of your home. Among garage conversion ideas you may consider include: A playroom, bedroom, art studio, office, family room, or studio apartment.

4. Does it Add Value to Your Home?

When correctly done, converting your garage with permits and abiding by the building codes will add value to your home. The type of room you build and how seamless you transform the space will determine the value.

The following reasons can make converting your garage detrimental to your home if:

  • Lacking a garage will limit street parking or you won’t have covered parking.
  • The project is done illegally without any permits.
  • You eliminate storage space and worsen the problem of storage.

5. The Cost of a DIY Garage Conversion

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of converting a garage is between $6000 and $19000. The project’s cost depends on the size of the garage, the type of room constructed, and the professional contracting assistance you sought. Turning your garage into a simple bedroom or living space will cost you about $5000, whereas it will cost you about $25000 if you construct a kitchen or bathroom that will require plumbing.

Other options include:

Are You Ready to Start Remodelling Your Garage?

Before anything else first, consult with professionals to determine whether converting your garage is the best way to increase your living space and if it will add value to your home.


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