10 01, 2022

When to Winterize Your Houston Patio?


  Not many people think about winterizing in Houston, but with all the recent climate changes, winter (and snow) can show up anywhere. This means, you should always be prepared to winterize your outdoor furniture, so you can enjoy it in the spring. [...]

When to Winterize Your Houston Patio?2021-12-28T14:12:44+00:00
11 09, 2021

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Generator | Ultimate Guide


Electric Generator is a piece of equipment that transforms mechanical energy into the electric stream of current through a simple process called 'electromagnetic induction. At the same time, the 'electric motor' made of all the same elements functions in reverse where electrical current gets [...]

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Generator | Ultimate Guide2021-09-13T13:54:27+00:00
20 03, 2021

Maximizing Your Backyard Space for Play


It is no secret that kids love to play outside. They love natural surroundings and frequently turn to flowers, plants, animals, or insects when selecting playmates. This makes natural spaces like backyards perfect spots for a child’s playground. Studies have found that when given [...]

Maximizing Your Backyard Space for Play2021-01-26T19:41:07+00:00
12 03, 2021

Outdoor Spaces: Ideas for Your Patio


With the summer months drawing closer and closer, it’s time to turn your attention to your outdoor spaces. If you want to host a garden party to win all garden parties, then it’s important to have an inviting space. Installing a patio goes a long [...]

Outdoor Spaces: Ideas for Your Patio2021-03-12T20:35:10+00:00
20 01, 2021

Quick Patio Makeover Solutions


  The Coronavirus pandemic has changed daily life as thousands of households throughout the country have been forced to shelter at home and work from home. Most people’s days and weeks are spent in isolation. This can leave you craving a change of scenery. [...]

Quick Patio Makeover Solutions2020-12-02T00:43:08+00:00
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