Easy Ways to Maintain Your Fire Pit


Adding a fire pit is a great way to expand your outdoor living area and create some comfort for those colder nights. There really is nothing like some quality family time around a warm fire pit, toasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. As soon [...]

Easy Ways to Maintain Your Fire Pit2018-06-13T19:46:56+00:00

Patio Planning Ideas


While it may be the easy option, placing one giant slab patio in the backyard is not always the best look. It is also not very practical. The best and more efficient patio designs take into consideration shade and sun exposure, outdoor views, proximity to [...]

Patio Planning Ideas2018-04-04T01:15:47+00:00

How To Maintain Your Deck?


  Adding a Deck You've probably had a lot of long and leisurely summer evenings hanging out on your house's deck or someone else's, and you know how great it is. You can also strongly increase the value of your property by adding a deck [...]

How To Maintain Your Deck?2017-11-22T22:10:09+00:00

Luxury Outdoor Decor


  The great outdoors can be even more accessible when it is in one's backyard. There is the perfect balance of close indoor amenities and outdoor accessories that are actually accessible. People love to decorate their patios and yards with usable goods. This is because [...]

Luxury Outdoor Decor2017-04-17T21:32:41+00:00

Patio Drainage Problems and Solutions


Patio drainage problems can ruin beautiful summer days, for example when you are barbecuing or relaxing enjoying the warm weather. You should make sure that you identify these problems in your water drainage systems before they become too costly to fix. One way is to [...]

Patio Drainage Problems and Solutions2017-04-17T21:32:42+00:00
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