Last Updated on November 8, 2021

If you are scratching your head wondering what to buy people for Christmas why not consider buying some bath accessories. People spend quite a bit of time in their bathrooms, so if you buy the right items your presents will really be appreciated and will be well used.

Bathroom Linen

Towels and bath rugs make good presents. A large, fluffy bath towel in your friend’s favourite colour will be gratefully received. Just try to choose one that fits in well with the style of their current towels. There is no point in buy a towel with and embroidered border for someone who uses plain towels and owns not other ornate linen.

Soap Dishes and Dispensers

If you notice, a friend or member or your family does not have a soap dish consider buying one for them. Choose one that blends in with their existing bathroom decor.

Increasingly people are using liquid soap in their home. However, a surprising number of people do not own a liquid soap dispenser. They simply never think of buying one. However, the moment they receive one and start using it most people cannot understand why they went so long without one. Add in some nice soap and you have a beautiful present.

If you know that different members of their family use different soaps consider buying more than one dispenser. Some people also like to have one by the sink and one in the shower area or on the side of the bath.

Soap dispensers are also great for things like moisturisers and cleansing cream. A row of soap dispensers looks much tidier than a bunch of plastic bottles. You can easily label them up, so that they are practical to use.

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Bathroom Accessory Sets

If you want to spend a little extra, consider buying a bathroom accessory set. Many people would welcome a set of better bath accessories than the ones they currently own. This is especially true if they are considering a bathroom makeover.

If you decide to buy a set, you have not got to worry about the accessories you buy matching their existing accessories. However, you do need to make sure that they fit in with the decor of their bathroom and suit their tastes. For this reason, you should also only really consider this present for someone you know well, perhaps a son or daughter.

Bathroom Mirrors and Basket

A bathroom mirror can make a good present. You can buy mirrors for the wall or mirrors that are designed to be used in the hand or on a counter top.

Baskets make great places to hold things like bath soaps, makeup or hair accessories. They can be left on the counter or stacked on top of each other out of the way in a under sink cupboard.

Baskets that lay across the bath can also be quite handy. They are an item you would never consider buying unless you have actually used one. When you do use one, you soon realise just how handy they are and become a real fan.

Bathroom Safety Accessories

As well as items to make bathrooms tidier, cosier and more practical, you can also buy accessories to make the bathroom a safer place. A set of high quality chrome grab rails may be appreciated by one of your older friends, but think carefully before buying them. Bath and shower mats are also practical presents.

Soap mats can ensure that the soap stays off the floor or the bottom of the bath where it can become a trip hazard. They also make the bathroom easier to keep clean. Soap mats come in an array of colours and shapes, so you are bound to find some that appeal to the person you are buying for.

Buy in the Sales

Good quality bathroom accessories can be expensive. However, if you wait and buy in the sales you can get a really good present at a fraction of the cost. Buying online gives you a good choice and makes it easier for you to shop around for bargains.


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