Last Updated on April 17, 2017

Who wouldn’t want to transform that empty backyard filled with dirt into a relaxing poolside oasis? In this economy not everyone can pay contractors to make overgrown weeds magically disappear so haul out the shovel because it looks like it’s a DIY project.

Some ideas to help defer the costs of your new backyard retreat are:

– Scour the internet for images of backyard patios to get ideas.
– Use internet Classifieds to find everything from lumber for decking and pool safety fencing to throw pillows on the new hammock you plan to install under your cool, new patio.
– Use cheap labor- call your local high school or church and see if they know students willing to remove those weeds or dig that trench.
– Buy patio furniture in fall to take advantage of season-ending discounts
– Consider a permanent above-ground pool or fiberglass pre-manufactured pool instead of a built-in pool. The cost savings could be in the thousands!
– Install an outdoor kitchen with used table-top restaurant appliances instead of built-in appliances. Set them up outside on any flat surface when it’s time for guests and when not in use, store them away.
– Instead of expensive concrete, use sand on a level surface then put decorative rock or cobblestones down to add interest.

Patio Ideas Houston

Use items you already have around the house.  Look around to see what may be lying around not being used or needs to be removed and thrown away. Instead of filling up the landfill recycle those items into useful decorative pieces of functional art like these:

– Make a trellis for a climbing vine out of an old fence that needs to be removed.
– Make a bench out of a tailgate off the old truck that used to be parked in the yard.
– Use tree stumps for tables bases and cut logs for stools.
– Hang the head of a rake on the fence to hold small potted herbs.
– Put a little sand and a candle in the bottom of old jars for great mood lighting.
– Got big rocks? Use your imagination and paint them to look like animals of the forest or gnomes.
– Use wine barrels, or anything that’ll hold water, line them with large heavy-duty contractor bags and hook up a pump to make a unique water fountain.

The sky’s the limit when you use your imagination instead of your credit card and DIY to create your very own backyard oasis.