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Pergola Ideas For Your Houston Home

Pergolas are one kind of outdoor structure that add both aesthetic and financial value to a home. They can be used to host gatherings outdoors such as for barbecues or just to lounge in while taking shelter from the sun.

There are several pergola designs  that you can choose from. There are the simple ones to the more elaborate ones. Note however that even the simplest looking pergolas needs careful and sometimes complex designing for it to be architecturally safe and beautiful.

It is  important that planning and construction are done by professionals. There are also local Houston authority building regulations which a professional pergola design and construction will be aware of and will adhere to,

Pergolas have an open design so the joining has to be done very precisely because the joints remain in full view. Every slat, joint and beam remains clearly visible so every step has to be done with utmost care.

Whichever  pergola ideas are chosen, using a material that can be cut and joined in a very precise manner is very important.  It is for this reason that metallic and other manufactured materials are used to construct pergolas.  These materials make it possible to construct perfectly joined and finished lattices.

Pergola Ideas Houston

One metal  that is commonly used in Houston is aluminium. It is strong, lightweight and able to withstand weather elements from strong sunlight to wet weather. An aluminium pergola can last for decades. Vinyl is also becoming increasingly popular for the same reasons.

However, wood still remains the choice of the majority.  Wood is often chosen to go with the look of the house so that it looks like an extension of it rather than an add-on that looks odd or that stands out rather than look like part of the house.

Wood can be cut, joined and fitted very precisely and beautifully. It can also be treated to withstand the elements such as by sealing, staining and varnishing it. The treatments will have to be repeated every so often to keep the wood in good form. If hard wood such as oak, cedar, mahogany and redwood  are used, a pergola can last for a long time as well.

When considering pergola ideas, consider getting one that has an integrated design. With good planning and placement, such as in the garden, pergolas can be used as arbors for climbing trellises and vines with the added foliage giving shade and privacy.


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