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Patio Cover Designs

If you have thought about building a new patio cover  then first of all you have to think about what kind of construction the patio cover will be. You should make sure that you have the right plans and an eye for the style that you want. There are quite a few ideas for patio cover designs. First of all you need to think about if you want a closed or open patio roof. You could have one made out of glass or mesh that allows you to view the sky or you could have it made from wood, concrete or a mixture of various materials. You could also have either a freestanding one or one with structures attached.

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Once you have your patio cover ideas then you will have to work out if you want shade with it and if you do, then you will may need a roof that is connected to your property. When your patio covers is completed, then it can seem like an extension of your house. There are also awnings that you can connect to your patio that are supported by a metal or brick frame. This may stand out from the structure or stand on its own. To have full shade from the sun then you need to use heavy quality canvas or synthetic awnings.

If you decide on a rigid roof panel then these are quite straightforward and  not that difficult to set up. This will supply you with either partial shade or no shade at all. If you want total shade then you may decide on colored panels made from vinyl. You can have opaque or ultraviolet protected or translucent panels. The opaque panels filter out light and shade and also have added safety from the rays of the sun. There are a lot of patio covers available and in the end it’s all down to a matter of taste and what really appeals to you. Once you have checked out the various designs and found one you like then you’re on your way to having a patio cover   that you are going to last you for a long time!

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