How much does it cost to build a patio?

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How much does it cost to build a patio?

Building a patio addition or screening in an existing patio is an excellent way to bring the outdoors into the day to day life.

As with any big decision you should carefully consider all the options available, and also enjoy the planning process.

When I undertake a project I get satisfaction from the initial measurements and daydreaming about what fun will be had in the new space, as well as browsing through magazines and online blogs.  The options are really endless given a good budget but even on a tight budget there are many possibilities.

I researched the average cost of a simple patio and it turns out that on the low end a simple concrete pave patio can be installed for around $2000.

A covered patio complete with over head fan will likely cost $5000 to $7000.

Those prices seem quite low considering you are adding “livable” so-to-speak, areas to your property but most homeowners are looking for something more substantial with unique design and function.  Many outdoor spaces come complete with gas ranges and plumbing for food prep and cooking.  Stone fire places are very common in outdoor spaces and create ambiance that rivals any space within the home.

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Perhaps one of the most functional aspects to consider when planning a patio is: Will it be a screened in patio?

Choosing to screen in your outdoor space gives you the option to stay comfortable in the most pleasant months of the year without concern from pest like mosquitoes   When your patio is screened in it is safe for children to play in. Additionally it is a place to allow pets to play or take time out without being put out into the weather.   When the room is screened it is substantially protected from rain and wind and allows for putting different kinds of furniture and even books left out on top of tables.

If you want to build your dream deck or patio you should anticipate costs starting at $8,000 and reaching up to $40,000 for multiple levels, stairs, outdoor speakers, fire place, and cooking area.

From the start decide the you will enjoy every bit of the process from planning to entertaining and your patio project can be a joy from the moment you begin to daydream about it.


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