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Luxury Outdoor Decor


The great outdoors can be even more accessible when it is in one’s backyard. There is the perfect balance of close indoor amenities and outdoor accessories that are actually accessible. People love to decorate their patios and yards with usable goods. This is because it […]

10 New Patio Addition Ideas

There is nothing more enjoyable than having your own patio to enjoy on a beautiful day. You can design it however you’d like, and there are several ways to save money while choosing how to build your patio and what design you’d like it to […]

How Much It Cost To Own A Home In Houston?

At one time or another, I am sure you have thought about the idea of being a home owner. There are so many cities and states to choose from. Some cities in Texas may be on the cheap side, while others such as Houston, may be more […]

How to Use Lighting to Create a Designer Look

There are several different methods that can be used to help create a designer look in your home. Lighting is one of the most fordable and can make a huge difference. Use it to showcase various objet d’art, illuminate a bookcase, showcase a painting or […]

Cost To Build A Sunroom In Houston

One thing you should understand when you are building a sunroom is that the cost should be different from person to person. If you want to add some nice features, instead of it just being a place where you can hang out inside in the […]

The Cost Of An Outdoor Fire pit Or Fireplace In Houston TX

Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces have gained popularity over time and as a homeowner, you can install one for ornamental purposes. The fire pit or a fireplace does not only improve the appeal of your outdoors; it provides warmth for you to enjoy the cold […]

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Patio in Houston, Texas

What better way to spend the great outdoors in the wintertime then with an outdoor patio and a bar-b-que grill?
Adding a patio to your existing home’s structure not only adds value but can cost below the $7K price range. Naturally, an existing concrete or a bricked […]

9 Home Improvements That Pay Off

If you are going to make improvements to your home, it is worth knowing that they are good value for money. There are a number of renovation projects that you can undertake that will not only improve your property in the short-term but will also […]

How to Choose the Right Color Palette for your Home

According to researchers, color is one of the most important factors in affecting our mood and behavior. Interior designers are trained in the science of color theory and understand how color can affect individuals. Choosing the proper color palette for your home’s interior can not […]

9 Signs Of A Quality Home Builder

There is no shortage of home builders in Houston. But as with any business out there, this one too has too many ”fly by nights” contractors who either lack experience or track record to build nice homes that are also structurally sound. For this reason, […]